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Adopt An Alpaca Deluxe

Adopt An Alpaca Deluxe

Looking for the perfect gift for a child or wannabe farmer?

Adopt an alpaca for a year, without having to live on a farm or do the daily chores.

But if you really want to come and help clean the barn, we won’t turn you away!

First, you have to pick a ‘paca! This is the hard part...
Get to know the alpacas and choose who you like best!
Can’t decide? You can always adopt more than one!

Please be sure to tell us which alpaca you'd like to adopt, and your birthday, then enjoy the year with your critter!

Any questions, just ask!

The deluxe package includes:
A hand knitted hat made with your alpaca’s fiber
An adoption certificate & thank you note from your alpaca
A Christmas card from your alpaca
A birthday card
A 20% discount on items from our store
An invitation to shearing day, to watch your alpaca’s ‘extreme makeover’!
A picnic on the farm in summer